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Daniel Chavez Moran on the Power of Education

Daniel Chavez Moran on education empowermentDaniel Chavez Moran, a retired entrepreneur and now philanthropist, understands the power of education. His founding of the Fundación Delia Moran A.C., in honor of his mother, a gifted school teacher, and his founding of the nonprofit Vidanta Foundation, are testaments to his belief that education can help overcome poverty in all of the Americas. Chavez Moran applauds United States President Barack Obama’s efforts to improve education for Hispanic students as noted in this Washington Post article:

“President Obama has appointed Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll — the Colombian singer better known around the world as Shakira — to a presidential commission on education for Hispanics…

“Shakira was recently named the 2011 Latin Recording Academy person of the year. Here’s the biography of her on the White House release:

She founded the Barefoot Foundation in 1995, which operates schools and educational projects in Colombia, South Africa, and Haiti, feeding and educating approximately 6,000 children. In 2010, she collaborated with the World Bank and the Barefoot Foundation to establish an initiative that distributes educational and developmental programs for children across Latin America…

“…The other two members to be appointed to the advisory team are Adrian Pendoza, who leads a grass-roots immigration and education reform organization, and Kent Scribner, who serves as a school superintendent in Phoenix.”

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