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Daniel Chavez Moran: Pan-American Games Start

Daniel Chavez Moran on start of Pan-Am games.Daniel Chavez Moran, philanthropist and retired developer of five-star hotels and resorts, and founder of the non-profit Vidanta Foundation, welcomes competitors and visitors from 42 countries to the Pan-American games, hosted Oct. 14-30, 2011, in Jalisco, Mexico.

The games are off to a good start. One host city is Tapalpa, as featured online by the Mexican Tourism Board:

“Another site you can visit is the Magic Town of Tapalpa, which name means in Nahuatl ‘place of colorful land.’ Thanks to Sierra de Tapalpa, present in the southeast of Jalisco, it will receive the competitors of Mountain Bike in the sportive event.

“To adventure yourself, you can go to the known mountain of the friars (los Frailes), called this way for two huge rocks that resemble a couple of friars praying; to stones of mysterious shapes in the middle of a forest land known as Piedrotas (Big Stones) or Valle de Enigmas (Valley of Enigmas), and close your wonderful journey in the Waterfall El Molino and Eko Park, where you will be able to practice mountain biking, rappel, kayak, climbing, gotcha, fishing, paraglider and camping.

“If you seek peace and rest, the Historical Downtown of this Magic Town is covered by chapels and temples having a vast cultural history, as the case of the Parrish of San Antonio, built in 1650 by the Franciscan monks.

“Finally, the extensive natural territory of Tapalpa also invites you to a travel by foot through its natural paths, or as well to practice golf in the Tapalpa Country Club.”

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