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Daniel Chavez Moran: Positive Economic Outlook

Daniel Chavez Moran on positive economic newsDaniel Chavez Moran, now retired from the development of hotels and resorts, founded the Vidanta Foundation in 2005, a philanthropic organization which actively promotes public policies that support economic growth, strengthening democracy, and the reduction of poverty, inequality and discrimination in Latin America.

Chavez Moran follows economic development news and notes this positive outlook for the economies of Latin America from the article, “Latin America Buffered Against Global Shock, World Bank Says,” published by Bloomberg news:

“Latin American countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Chile have created a buffer against a global recession after raising interest rates in the past 15 months, the World Bank said in a report today…Latin America and the Caribbean is forecast to grow between 3.5 percent and 4.5 percent this year, thanks to capital inflows and high commodity prices…the emergence of China as a major trading partner for Latin America has been a driver of the region’s robust growth in the past decade… “

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