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Daniel Chavez Moran: Inter-American Trade

Daniel Chavez Moran on the Inter-American trade agreements.Daniel Chavez Moran, Mexican philanthropist and founder of the non-profit Vidanta Foundation, supports public policies that strengthen democracy and promote economic and social development in Latin America.

With integration of the region in the global economy a critical factor for future growth, Chavez Moran notes this item published by CBC News about  new bilateral trade agreements between Canada and Brazil:

Canada signed a series of agreements with Brazil Monday that Prime Minister Stephen Harper says will boost business ties and increase the flow of goods and people between the two countries.

Harper and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff signed the pacts on air travel, pension benefits, international aid and other areas at the presidential palace in Brasilia.

…”Brazil is a major global economic player and a key priority market for Canada,” said Harper. “These agreements will benefit both countries by promoting greater two-way flow of people, goods and services, enhancing our competitiveness and further strengthening our partnership in key areas of shared interest.”

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